Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

✿ Zayn Malik ✿

Holla guys! ^^

How's your life? I'm back again to post my blog.
Well, I want to share about my bias :3
He's so cute and handsome BD Wow! Yeah,, who is he??

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D
Yapp! He's Zayn Malik! You know him? Lemme tell you XD
Zayn is member of One Direction.
Name: Zayn Malik
Full Name: Zayn Javadd Malik
Nickname: Zaynster, Wayne, Bradford Badboy
Hometown: West lane, Baildon, Bradford
Date of Birth: January 12, 1993
Age: 19
Star Sign: Capricorn
Hobby: Singing
Height: 175cm
Citizenship: British
Hair Color: Black
Eyes Color: Brown

Famous since become personnel Boyband One Direction [2010] :D

Yeah, I love Zayn so much *Q*
You know? He has nice voice! I like his voice. He's cool. He has many tattoos on his body! I dunno why Zayn love tattoo much. But I like it whatever he wanna do. Lol. Keep Calm and Love Zayn! ^^/

Lemme post other photo of Zayn. Okcan. ;) *wink*

Is it enough? Kkk~
Okay, one more! ^^

Okay, thank you! ^^/
See ya again...

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