Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Descriptive Text - My Lovely Cat

Name : Defi Indriani Safitri
Class : 3E
NIM : 11.321.156

My Lovely Cat

     Cats are cute and funny. They can make peoples smile or laugh. I like cute cats. They make me passionate if I see them. When I carry a cat, I always want to pinch its body. Because I like cats, I adopt a female cat. I take care her well untill she grown up. She got married with a male cat. Then she was pregnant. I could not wait for the kittens. After I waited for some weeks. She gave birth. She had 2 kittens. They were really cute and small. My cat was effloresce to 13 cats so that, now I have 13 cats at home. They are cute and different each other.
        My cats are different from one an other, because my cats have different colors and unique.Almost all of my cats are orange. Since my cats was married to a male cat, and he has different color. So, the kittens have mixed color from both of them. One of my cats have three color, full dark orange, light orange mixed with white color, and milky color. I have a twin cat. They have milky color. They are very cute and fair. Another totally different with the others. She has unique fur like a persian cat. She has long fur and heavy. She has yellow eyes.
        Every cat has its own unique attitude. My cats are really strange. When my cats get hungry, they will follow my mom and wait my mom until she gives the meal. Then when my mom prepares the meal for my cats, my cats will be best singers. They will moan with loud voice but different voice of the one another. Its a total noise. After that they will eat voraciosly. When they feel so full, they will leave the plate one by one and find comfortable place to sleep. When they sleep, they have many poses. Some of them close their face, lay like a human, hug each other, etc.
        My cats are naughty. Sometimes they fight each other. They break stuffs in my home, make a noise, and steal a fish. Although they are naughty, some of them are clever too. My nice cats defecate in defecate place my dad prepared, but some of them don't want defecate in sands. It makes my house really dirty and so smelly. They always make my dad mad. My cats also can understand what my family say to them. If my mom say "sit down" then they will sit down.
        Those are the facts about my cats. I have 13 cats, and they are different one another. They have unique motif, unique attitude and some of them are naughty but clever.

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